A New Addition



Welcome Winter to our breeding group.  She is a merle Pembroke welsh corgi. 

We are so excited to bring a new color to our program.

Although we are a couple of years away from seeing any puppies we will enjoy her company until then

Our Breeding Program

Corgis are a cattle herding dog breed made famous as they are favoured by Queen Elizabeth II. The breed originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Corgis are a very sociable breed of dog. Eager to learn and be part of the family, their expected life span is 12-15 years. These little attention seekers desire affection from their owners and are generally great with children and other pets. Early socialization with other animals and children when they are young is important. 

Calico Farms is home to four corgis - Lucy, Dessi,  Pedro and Winnie. Our puppies are raised in the house with kids, dogs, cats and when they get a little older, are exposed to chickens and other fowl and horses. So, when it is time for them to go to their new homes they are used to a lot of noise and chaos and adjust very quickly to their new families.

Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeding Program



Lucy is a Black tri registered Corgi with the CKC. She is a great mom and all her pups are super social and love being with their people.



Calico Destiny is one of our home raised girls. She is a red and white Corgi and is  registered with the NAPR. We love her playfulness and drive. 



Noble Hearts Pedro is the new man in town.  He is a red headed tri and is CKC registered and AKC registered.  He is DM clear and Vvd clear.  We have been waiting for him for a while and are excited to see his progeny.




Venus is always sure to get her cuddles in first before playtime 

About Us



Carlos is mr. independent full of personality and keeps us on our toes


Venus is our last girl.  She bosses the boys around but is sure to have her snuggle time in first

Tim is our mellow fellow and likes to go with the flow